What is the Amber Color of Your Personality?

Buying jewelry might be a great fun either for men or women. It might be also a great occasion to prove that we know the recipient very well and that we have chosen the gift meticulously and carefully. Psychologists believe there are 4 distinct personality types symbolized by the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green – same as our Amber Jewelry. Our Orange (Cognac), Yellow, Green, and Red (Cherry) Amber jewelry symbolize all these 4 Personality Types. Would you like to know what color is your personality?
What should you do then to impress Him or Her and find the Best Matching Jewelry? No personalized engraving is needed. Read through all these 4 Personality Types descriptions and find out What Color is his or her Personality: Orange, Yellow, Green or maybe Red?

Orange Personality

Oranges are the “Let’s All Get Along” people. They are friendly, personable, caring, and considerate people who take pleasure in helping others. They are the people who say, “If you are happy, then I am happy.” Their social nature inspires them to bring people together whether that is at home, work, or in their communities. Their idea of a good time is being involved in social activities where people can share good food and good conversation. Oranges want to get along with other people and they want to be involved in community activities to feel alive. They are the caregivers and the peacemakers. Oranges are kind, socially responsible, and are good listeners. Orange is someone who wants everyone to get along.

Yellow Personality


Yellows are the “Let’s Do It Differently” people. They are independent creative thinkers who use their intellect and their creative imagination to devise innovative ways of accomplishing tasks or improving on existing things. They love to solve problems. The more complex the problems the better they like them. They are natural leaders and are not hesitant to challenge status quo or authority. However, instead of a “just get it done” attitude (as for Red), yellows are concerned about the outcome, so they want to do everything right. This personality type represents a visionary who thinks deeply based on perceived purpose in life. They are great at solving problems and are not afraid to take on challenges. Yellows are persons who want to make something better. They want to make a difference and work towards that goal.

Green Personality

Greens are the “Let’s Experience it All” people. They have rich imaginations and thrive when using their intuitive and creative abilities. They think in metaphors and analogies, painting vivid pictures in their minds. They are happy people who can always see the good in every situation and in every person. Natural motivators, Greens encourage others to reach for the sky and to adopt the belief that anything can be accomplished if a person puts their mind to it and makes it fun. They have innovative ideas and they want a modern approach to various things. They have intuitive skills but can be emotional. Greens are those who want to experience everything, learn from it, and create new and amazing things.

Red Personality


Reds are the “Just Get It Done” people. They are assertive, determined action-oriented. They do not just talk about getting things done. They take charge and get a completion. They measure the bottom-line and are detail oriented. Reds are not timid about letting others know where they stand with them. They thrive in competitive environments. They don’t leave other people wondering what’s on their mind. They are bold and opinionated. This type of personality is also hardworking, decisive, and dependable – a great leader.