Baltic Amber, The Magical Healer

Baltic Amber, and the Baltic Amber based jewelry have the following magical healing properties:

1. Baltic Amber lower blood lipids, which means it delays ageing

2. Baltic Amber helps the tissues to heal quicker, and therefore help those who suffer from ulcers.

3. Baltic Amber helps to fight your anxieties since it tranquilizes the mind.

4. Baltic Amber assists those who suffer from difficult urination because it alleviates water retention.

5. Baltic Amber relieve the pain in the genital area because it improves blood circulation in the body.

6. Baltic Amber attracts Good Luck

7. Baltic Amber absorbs negative energies 

8. Magical healing properties of Baltic Amber balances emotions

9. Baltic Amber helps to develop wisdom and patience

10. Baltic Amber assists you to control your migraine